Today’s Trump Crowds Vs. Hillary Crowd In Pictures: Not Even Close!

Today, Hillary Clinton was campaigning in Orlando, Florida. She gave a 20 minute speech to a room full of press and VIPs. It totaled no more than 125 people. All told, there were fewer than 400 people, according to eyewitness @FacMagnaAmerica:

Here’s a closeup of Hillary’s crowd:


Meanwhile, Donald Trump was in Cleveland, Ohio. He spoke at New Spirit Revival Center Ministries in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

Here’s video of Trump’s crowd at the church:

Then, Trump went to Toledo. Here’s the crowd there:

And here was the line outside:

Bottom line:

Hillary did one event with less than 400 people. 

Trump did two events with thousands attending, and thousands more trying to get in.

Verdict: Not even close – Trump wins!

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