TRUE! Tammy Bruce Explains Anti-Trump Protests: Organized And Planned MOBS (VIDEO)


Tammy Bruce was on the Stuart Varney show today where she explained what these anti-Trump protests are really all about. Bruce suggested they are not organic. They are planned and organized. She also wondered why Obama or Hillary have not stepped forward to denounce them.

She’s exactly right! Watch:

From the video, Tammy says:

“This is a unique dynamic to the left. In fact, it’s happening in liberal cities, Portland, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Philadelphia and you’re looking at similarities in the messaging and the signs and the attitude.”

“It’s International Answer we’ve seen which is an anarchist socialist group… European papers and even American papers are saying this is some kind of outburst of objection. No, these are organized, planned protest mobs that are not natural that are not organic.”

At the end she makes this great point:

“The left never knows when to stop and they continue to make this mistake.”

That is spot-on analysis.

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