Trump Adviser To Hannity: Our SCOTUS Picks Will Interpret The Constitution As It Was Intended (VIDEO)

One of the big reasons many people voted for Trump was to keep it from becoming a liberal rubber stamp for every progressive cause that comes down the road. People want the Supreme Court to respect and uphold the United States Constitution, as it was meant to.

Trump promised to appoint judges to the SCOTUS who would respect the Constitution. It looks like he’s going to keep that promise. His policy adviser Stephen Miller appeared on the Sean Hannity show this week and affirmed Trump’s plan.

Hannity asked Miller if we’re going to get originalists on the Supreme Court. Miller responded:

“That’s one of the first things that’s gonna happen is…You know we’re going through the cabinet process right now but next is Supreme Court. He has a list of twenty judges. We worked with the Federalist Society… We’ve got it down to just a few and the names are names that people are going to love. Who believe the Constitution should be interpreted as it was intended.”

Watch the video:

It’ll be fascinating to see who Trump picks.

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