Trump And Romney Have Dinner – What Do THE PICTURES TELL US?

Donald Trump met Mitt Romney for dinner tonight. Reince Priebus was there, too.

Officially, they were meeting to discuss the Secretary of State position.

Maybe . . .

As we reported earlier, Trump’s camp has been suggesting Romney should apologize to Trump for his offensive statements during the campaign.

You may recall this from Romney (via Mike Cernovich):

Now, Trump is meeting for a second time with Romney.

Were they discussing an apology?

Take a look at these pictures, and see what you think:

And then, there’s this:

UPDATE: Here’s video of a reporter asking Trump if we’re looking at the future Secretary of State.

Trump’s answer: “Well, we’re gonna see what happens.”

SECOND UPDATE: From Bloomberg News’ Jennifer Jacobs:

What do you think? 

Does it look like a job interview? Or a tongue-lashing? 

Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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