Trump Has Multiple Paths To Victory: See These ELECTORAL COLLEGE MAPS


If you listen to the media, you’ll hear people talking about Trump’s possible paths to victory and how he “has to win” certain states like Florida but Trump could actually win without Florida. He has multiple paths to 270 Electoral College votes and victory.

See the maps below:

In this scenario, Trump loses Florida but carries Pennsylvania, Michigan and New Hampshire. It’s entirely possible for this to happen and if it does, Trump wins.


In this example, Trump loses Florida and Michigan but wins Colorado, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire. Again, entirely possible and Trump wins.


Of course, Trump could win Florida, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Michigan and New Hampshire. That would look like this.


Yet even if Trump carries Florida and New Hampshire but loses Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Michigan he’s still at 270, provided he also carries Maine District 1, which he should.


Finally, let’s look at what a Trump landslide would be like. In this scenario, he carries Florida, New Hampshire, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Colorado.


We’ll know for sure on Tuesday!

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