Trump Shuts Down CNN’s Jim Acosta With One Word (VIDEO)

CNN’s Jim Acosta badgered the president with ridiculous questions today, in his usual style. He was asking a loaded question which was meant to imply that Trump is a racist.

Trump shut him down though, and he did it with one word.

The Daily Caller reported:

CNN Kept Shouting Questions At Trump — He Silenced Them With One Word

Donald Trump opened himself to the White House press corps for the first time after Democratic lawmakers leaked his controversial “s***hole” comments to the media last week, and delivered yet another exchange with reporters in the process.

After the comments, Trump thanked the press for being there. As staffers asked the press to leave the Oval Office, a barrage of questions were shouted at the president. Many were shouted by CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta. Acosta loudly asked about Norway and Steve Bannon, causing the White House staff to reprimand him with a quick ” Jim, thank you. Please exit. Thanks, everyone.”

Trump, for his part, had a one word response to Acosta’s questioning: “Out.”

Watch the video:

Acosta tweeted this:

Poor baby!

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