Trump To ABC: “THE MEDIA POISONS THE MIND-But The American Voter Is Smarter Than The Media” (VIDEO)


Today, George Stephanopoulos (Clinton Foundation donor) asked Melania Trump about her best and worst moments of the campaign.

When it came to the worst moment, Melania said: “The Dishonest Media.”

George (Clinton Foundation donor) tried to push back. He snarked, “What is so unfair about the coverage overall?”

That’s when Trump jumped in. Watch via ABC News (segment begins at the 2:15 mark):

From the video:

Donald Trump: “Sometimes I’ll say something that’s absolutely perfect, and I’m get a call after an interview. Like with you. ‘Did you say this or that?’ And they’ll skew it so unfair.”

Stephanopoulos (Clinton Foundation donor): “Well, people see it for themselves. They make up their own minds.”

Trump: “Well, they don’t really. Because what happens is you poison the minds – you really do. The media poisons the mind of the American voter. They really do. It’s unfair. But the thing is the American voter is really smart . . . I think the American voter is smarter than the Media.”


How long have we been waiting for a candidate to do this?

Finally, we have one!

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