U.S. Military Family Mourns Death Of Mother From Terrorist Attack: ‘DADDY, DON’T YOU GO’ (VIDEO)

In March 2016, ISIS terrorists bombed the airport in Brussels, Belgium.

In the airport that day was the Martinez family. The father was an Air Force attache just back from Afghanistan. He, his wife, and four children were on their way to a vacation when the bombs went off.

The mother was killed. Their four children were injured. And the father nearly died.

Months later, and the Martinez family talked to CNN about that horrible day and the terrible days that followed.

Watch (via New Day):

If you can’t watch the whole thing, fast forward to the 2:45 mark when Lt. Col. Martinez talks about what happened immediately after the blast.

From the video:

Lt. Col. Martinez: “I knew I was bleeding out. My body was going into shock. So I closed my eyes, and welcomed it. I figured I’d join my wife. As I was slipping away, I heard this little girl call out to me. ‘Daddy, don’t you go. Don’t you leave me.’ And just when I thought I was enveloped by darkness and ready to go to sleep, I heard her voice and decided to come back.


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