Varney: Mueller Effort Is “About Finding Something – Anything – To Undermine The Presidency” (VIDEO)

FOX Business Network host Stuart Varney recently went off about the Mueller investigation and pretty much nailed it. He suggested the the investigation has devolved into nothing more than an all out effort to get Trump.

In the video below, Varney says:

“Hard to believe, isn’t it? That these events could be used to impeach an elected president. Bear in mind, all of this occurred before the election, before Mr. Trump was even in politics. But the left truly hates this president and that hatred is passed along through the contemptuous media.”

He goes on to say:

“Remember, you only hear from the Elites – they run most of the media – you don’t hear much from ordinary, everyday Americans. And when they find out that the President can be taken down by a pack of deep-state conspirators… there will be hell to pay.”

Watch the video:

Varney is spot on here. The Mueller investigation isn’t even talking about Russia anymore.

They’ve got nothing.

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