WAR ON FREE SPEECH: Ann Coulter Cancels Speech at UC Berkeley Over Safety Concerns

Ann Coulter has cancelled her speech at UC Berkeley. The left has made it clear that there would be violence if she proceeded so the event has been called off.

Breitbart reports:

REPORT: Ann Coulter Cancels UC Berkeley Speech

Conservative author and speaker Ann Coulter has been forced to cancel her speech at UC Berkeley amidst worries for her safety on campus.

Fox Business reports that Coulter has chosen not to ago ahead with her speech at UC Berkeley which was planned for this week. The conservative author caused waves across the college campus when her event was announced and received opposition from the UC Berkeley administration, which at one point banned Coulter, although this ban was later rolled back.

Law enforcement sources warned Fox News that there was a “99% chance” of violence on the campus of UC Berkeley if Coulter went ahead with her speech.

The left has made it clear that they no longer believe in free speech. They will even resort to threats of violence to silence others.

Here’s a video report from FOX Business:

Coulter addressed the situation on Twitter:


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