WATCH: Crazed Leftist SCREAMS IN AGONY When Trump Officially Becomes President (VIDEO)

There’s a divide in America. But it’s not just between right and left.

The divide is between the civilized and . . . the crazy!

Today when Trump was officially announced as the 45th President of the United States, one Leftist demonstrated which side of the crazy/civilized divide she’s on.

Watch (via Paul Joseph Watson):

Here’s another view via ITV News:

Do you remember any Conservative acting like this when Obama was inaugurated?

The divide between Conservatives and Leftists is more than ideological. It’s psychological.

There’s a civilized/crazy divide. Conservatives are on the side of smart government. Conservatives are on the side of a peaceful transfer of power. Conservatives are on the side of civilization.

Leftists are on the crazy side!

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