WATCH: Crazy Leftist Protesters Interrupt Biden’s Certification Of Trump’s Win – FORCIBLY REMOVED! (VIDEO)

Leftists can’t come to terms with one thing: They lost.

Today, there was more pathetic activity from Leftists.

Except this time, they protested a fellow Liberal. They shouted about “democracy.” And something about “real people.”

While Joe Biden was reading the final count of the Electoral College vote today, at least three Leftists interrupted him. Biden ordered them removed from the chamber.

Watch (via C-SPAN):

Good for Joe! He ordered them removed right away!

Here are the protesters:

He appears to be wearing a shirt from the “Forever Audacious” shop of New Jersey.

Here’s the second protester:

And a third:

He was shouting about “real people,” we think.

This is so rude and disrespectful to the people of the United States.

It’s worth remembering that no Republican or Conservative protested Obama’s wins. No Republican or Conservative shouted down the Electoral count of Bill Clinton. No Republican or Conservative had to be forcibly removed from the Capitol.

It’s always Leftists.

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