WATCH: Diamond And Silk Go Off On US Attorney Preet Bahara For Not Resigning (VIDEO)

Former U.S. Attorney Preet Bahara is a new hero for the left because he wouldn’t resign when asked by the Trump administration. He ended up forcing them to fire him.

Diamond and Silk reacted to the situation in a new video:

Diamond: Hey y’all. So now everybody is all upset because the Attorney General had to take and let some people go. When you had one, he didn’t want to resign. So guess what?

Silk: What?

Diamond: He had to be fired. See? He don’t understand that when they tell you to resign, that means step down. But if you don’t, that means you got to go. When they say you got to go, that beans bye-bye. See you later. Sayonara. Adios amigo. That’s what that means. That means you should have packed up your little boxes.

Silk: Yes…

Diamond: And then you should have left.

Watch the whole thing below:

Diamond and Silk have more on this at their website:

Bharara Didn’t Understand What Resign meant, So He Was Handed His Walking Papers, “YOU’RE FIRED”

In the Opinion of Diamond and Silk, President Trump has every right to ask all of Obama operatives to resign and if one doesn’t understand what the word resign means, then President Trump must make them understand that their services are no longer needed, “You’re Fired”

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