WATCH: Franklin Graham Explains Why We Should Keep ‘CHRIST’ In Christmas (VIDEO)

Reverend Franklin Graham appeared on FOX and Friends today and explained why it’s so important to keep Christ in Christmas. It’s really quite simple, as you’ll see below.

Graham says:

“What it is, it’s Christmas. The name of Jesus Christ and for Christmas – this is a Christian holiday, but what the world is, they hate the name of Christ and that’s why they want to take Christ out of Christmas, they want to say happy holiday. Now I’m going to leave Christ’s name in it because it’s his birthday, this is a Christian holiday. So when the Muslims want to celebrate one of their holidays, I don’t object, I’ll celebrate with them.”

Watch the video:

It’s amazing that some people can’t appreciate something so simple.

Christ is the reason for the season, as they say.

Merry Christmas!

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