Watch Piers Morgan Call Out London’s Mayor For His Hypocrisy Over Trump (VIDEO)

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has said he doesn’t want President Trump to visit the UK over the so-called “Muslim ban” but the mayor has hosted ambassadors from countries which ban citizens of Israel.

Piers Morgan actually called him out on it.

Here’s a partial transcript:

Piers Morgan: The charge against you when you call Trump all this stuff right was hypocrisy because you yourself hosted a reception for ambassadors from 11 countries that currently bar Israeli citizens from entering. I mean that is hypocritical, isn’t it? I mean you’ve got to be consistent. I mean why would you invite and have hospitality, a London mayor, countries who currently ban Israelis? What’s the difference?

Sadiq Khan says he doesn’t agree with the banning of Israelis but Piers keeps pressing him on it.

Skip to the three minute mark:

Like all things with the left… It’s just different when THEY do it. Sadiq Khan will get defended by the media over this for two reasons. Number one: He’s a liberal. And number two: He’s standing up to Trump which liberals love.

It doesn’t even matter that Piers Morgan asked a completely fair question which points out Khan’s hypocrisy. Al that matters to the left is that Khan is playing for their team.

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