WATCH: The Media’s Most Mortifying Moments Of 2016 (VIDEO)

The media really embarrassed itself in 2016. There were so many things they got wrong! It wasn’t just the election, either. The video below shows a number of cringeworthy examples.

From The Federalist:

Mollie Hemingway Breaks Down The Media’s Most Mortifying Moments Of 2016

Federalist senior editor Mollie Hemingway joined “Fox and Friends” Thursday morning to break down the media’s most mortifying moments of 2016. The media’s worst moment this past year was when they ignored the true factors driving the election and instead spent months predicting that Hillary Clinton would win the election by a “landslide,” Hemingway said.

“This was the entire election: months of the media shouting at us that Hillary Clinton was going to win, and in that cacophony of voices they never listened to what American people actually had to say,” she said. “It was a huge embarrassment to the media.”

Hemingway said Samantha Bee’s assertion that white people ruined America by voting for Trump and the media’s vigorous praise for Fidel Castro proves the media has bought what the Left is selling.

“This was the year the media really seemed to buy into this hard-left idea that white people are responsible for all of the world’s problems, and when you group together and disparage two-thirds of the population, it’s more than a little racist,” she said.

Watch the video:

Do you think they’ll get any better in 2017? Don’t count on it.

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