Watch The New Donald Trump Ad That YouTube Doesn’t Want You To See (VIDEO)


A new Donald Trump ad called “Dangerous” is apparently being hidden by YouTube, according to a recent report from The Gateway Pundit.

Sean Hannity picked up on the news as well:

WATCH: Is YouTube Attempting To Hide This New Trump Ad?

The Trump campaign released a new ad entitled “Dangerous” on Tuesday. The 30 second ad focuses on the foreign policy challenges facing the next president, and raises questions about whether or not Hillary Clinton has the physical stamina necessary to confront them.

According to The Gateway Pundit, YouTube has been making it difficult for users to view the ad:

YouTube has ‘unlisted’ and added a warning to the new Donald Trump ad entitled “Dangerous” posted Tuesday morning by the Team Trump account that focuses on national security and warns that Hillary Clinton does not have the stamina and judgment to keep America safe.

Watch the video:

It’s actually a very effective ad.

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