WATCH: Trump Fan Drives Massive Pro-Trump Display Down NYC’s Fifth Avenue! (VIDEO)

This is awesome!

With all the media and celebrities bashing Trump, one Trump fan decided to take matters into his own hands. 

He decided to build a massive pro-Trump display.

He put it on the back of his truck. Plus, he added a trailer. And loudspeakers!!

The whole thing must be 50 feet long!

Watch (via Dan Scavino):

The Dishonest Media and celebrities are trying to make it seem like Trump fans are in the minority.

Just yesterday, they published a biased “approval” poll to try to make that point.

They’re wrong.

Americans showed up at Trump events by the hundreds of thousands.

Americans voted for Trump in record numbers.

Americans are ready to Make America Great Again.

Thanks to this gentlemen for reminding us again: Trump fans are everywhere!

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