WATCH: Unhinged Leftist Dragged Away By Police For Screaming At Wisconsin Electors (VIDEO)

The left has gone absolutely bonkers over the election. In Wisconsin today, a woman began screaming at electors and was ultimately dragged away by police.

Real Clear Politics has the details:

A woman lost control Monday afternoon when members of Wisconsin’s electoral college delegation met to certify the results for Donald Trump.

“You sold out our country,” the woman screamed at the electors, standing up. “Everyone of you, you’re pathetic. You don’t deserve to be in America.”

The crowd responded by chanting: “Shame, shame, shame.”

“This is my America,” the woman yelled.

Watch the video:

Here’s another angle:

The left is coming undone. They’ve completely lost their minds. They’re not even rational.

And they wonder why people didn’t vote the way they wanted.

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