WHAT A SHAME: Anti-Trump Website ‘Slate’ is Having FINANCIAL PROBLEMS


The liberal news site ‘Slate’ has been against Trump since he started running, they still are too. Now we learn that they just lost one of their chief officers. And they’re bleeding revenue. What a shame.

The New York Post reported:

Slate head leaves amid company’s financial woes

But Mets fans should not worry, it is not the former team captain and current SNY broadcaster who is out of work.

This Hernandez of the same name — but different middle initial — is Keith R. Hernandez, a devoted anti-Trump tweeter who was president of Slate Media.

“Keith Hernandez is leaving Slate and we’re interviewing for a chief revenue officer,” Slate Chairman Jacob Weisberg told Media Ink.

Slate doesn’t break out its financials separately from Graham Holdings Co., the public entity that was left behind when one-time Washington Post Chief Executive Donald Graham sold the newspaper to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

But Slate, one of the oldest digital magazines, and founded by Microsoft, appears to be bleeding red ink again.

Here are a few examples of Slate’s anti-Trump bias on Twitter:

Gee. How are they losing so much business?


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