WHAT A SURPRISE: People’s Climate March Activists Leave Behind TONS OF TRASH

Have you noticed that almost every time progressives march for an environmental cause, they leave a trail of garbage in their wake? The ‘People’s Climate March’ this weekend was no exception.

Heat Street reports:

‘People’s Climate March’ for the Environment Leaves Behind an Environmental Disaster

On Saturday, environmentalists from across the country converged on Washington, DC for the “People’s Climate March,” to urge the Trump Administration to invest in policies that fight climate change.

Unfortunately, though, it appears that march organizers didn’t do enough to encourage environmentalism within their own ranks.

As protesters packed up and celebrity climate activists Leonardo DiCaprio, Al Gore and Richard Branson boarded their carbon-spewing private planes to jet off to their next destinations, the Washington Mall was left littered with garbage, including paper signs, food containers and plastic bags.

See the tweets below:

It’s almost like these marches aren’t really about the environment at all.

(Image is a Twitter screen shot.)

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