WHAT? John Kasich Writes In Surprise Name For Presidential Vote (VIDEO)

John Kasich’s spokesman announced today that he has voted by absentee in Ohio. Did he vote for Trump? No. Did he vote for Hillary? No.

Kasich voted for someone else. Someone who isn’t even among the 18 certified write-in candidates.

Watch (via Fox & Friends):

John Kasich wrote in John McCain? Really??

John McCain? Eighty-year-old John McCain?

Here is when John Kasich pledged to support the Republican nominee, no matter who it was:

And now, he’s dropped that pledge. John Kasich is going back on his word. 

Here is John Kasich on MSNBC justifying himself by claiming “Sometimes, people get divorced.”


Only one conclusion from all of this: John Kasich does not stand by his word.

John Kasich is not an honorable man!

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