What? Liberal Calls McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce “Low-Key Racist”

McDonald’s once had a szechuan sauce that it discontinued. Some people wanted to bring it back.

But Liberals didn’t like it! Because it’s “low-key racist” . . .

The Daily Caller reports: 

“McDonald’s bringing back its famed Szechuan dipping sauce ‘would be a mistake’ because reducing an entire country’s cuisine into one flavor is ‘problematic’ and ‘disrespectful,’ according to a writer for Inverse.com.

Rick and Morty, a popular Adult Swim animated show, dedicated part of its April 1 season 3 premiere to ask McDonald’s to bring back the Chinese-inspired sweet and sour dipping condiment created as part of a marketing gimmick for the release of Disney’s 1998 animated film Mulan. Many fans on the internet began tweeting at McDonald’s, asking for a reboot of a dipping sauce that disappeared 19 years ago.”

Which Liberals couldn’t stand.

They couldn’t stand that people liked McDonald’s szechuan sauce!

Here’s the offending sauce:

Here’s how one responded:

“Low-key racist”??

Here’s how some people responded on Twitter:

And Liberal feelings haven’t stopped people petitioning McDonald’s to bring it back.

A petition on change.org has over 35,000 signatures:

Americans are tired of Liberals calling “racist” on everything they say. 

It’s enough!

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