WHATEVER: Rachel Dolezal Now Calls Herself A “Pan-African Pro-Black Bi-Sexual Mother” (VIDEO)

It’s getting to the point where it’s impossible to keep up with Rachel Dolezal. As we recently told you, her story just keeps getting weirder.

Now it’s completely off the rails.

Grabien reports:


SMERCONISH: “How should you have answered that question? I’ll give you a mulligan. What should you have said?”

DOLEZAL: “Well, if I would have had time to really, you know, discuss my identity, I probably would have described a more complex label, pan African, pro black, bisexual mother artist, activist, but I think the question are you African-American, I haven’t identified as African-American. I’ve identified as black. And black is a culture, a philosophy, a political and social view. I believe that race is a social construct. And so, you know, I felt like in that interview I didn’t have time to unpack all of that.

Here’s the video:

This poor woman is lost in a sea of liberal identity politics.

In six months, will she announce that she’s transitioning from female to male? Isn’t that about all there is left for her at this point?

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