WHOA! Protesters In Venezuela Topple Statue Of Hugo Chavez (VIDEO)

People in Venezuela have apparently had enough of socialism and the horrible poverty and starvation which come with it. This weekend, protesters toppled a statue of Hugo Chavez and then threw it around in the street, breaking it in the process.

Mediaite reported:

Protesters in Venezuela Pull Down Statue of Hugo Chavez Amid Deadly Turmoil

Protesters objecting to the left-wing government of Venezuela pulled down a statue of deceased strongman Hugo Chavez in the city of La Villa del Rosario on Friday.

Telemundo51 reporter Alberto Rodríguez posted footage of the demonstrators throwing the dismantled statue on Twitter.

Anti-government demonstrators also severely damaged another Chavez sculpture in the city of Mariara on April 25, 2017 by setting it on fire.

Over the past five weeks, protests have spread across Venezuela. A Fox News report on Friday pointed out that “at least 38 deaths have been reported by various sources in five weeks of anti-government protests, though the public prosecutor puts the tally at 37.” Hundreds more have been injured.

Watch the video:

As Margaret Thatcher once famously said: The problem with Socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.

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