WINNING: Number of Refugees Admitted to U.S. Cut in Half Under Trump

During the first three months of the Trump administration, the number of refugees admitted into the United States was nearly cut in half when compared to the final three months of the Obama administration.

The statistics – released by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on Friday – revealed that the Obama administration allowed more than 25,000 refugees to enter the United States during their final three months in power, according to the Los Angeles Times. The statistics also showed that during the first three months of the Trump administration the number of refugees allowed into the U.S. dropped to 13,000.

“Countries of origin were largely unchanged. In both periods, two-thirds of the arrivals came from five countries: The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Syria, Iraq, Somalia and Myanmar,” the Los Angeles Times noted.

Two of the countries – Syria and Somalia – were part of an executive order signed by President Trump that sought to end entry into the United States from seven nations considered to be hotbeds for Islamic terrorism.

The report also showed that the Obama administration ramped up the intake of refugees by 86 percent before the inauguration of President-elect Trump on January 20, 2017.

On Wednesday, the Trump administration filed its final brief to the Supreme Court urging the court to reinstate the travel ban executive order, according to The Hill.

Those who are challenging the travel ban say that there is no reason for the Supreme Court to take the case because “there is no circuit split to resolve.”

“In any event, the fact that the decision below nullifies a national-security directive of the President warrants review regardless of whether the circuits are divided. This Court has granted review on important questions of immigration law in the absence of any square, developed conflict,” the Justice Department said. “It should do the same here.”

A report by the Associated Press claims that a decision regarding the travel could c0me at any time:

The court’s decision could come any time and is expected no later than late next week, after which the justices will scatter for speeches, teaching gigs and vacations.

Exactly when could depend on whether there are justices who disagree with the outcome and want to say so publicly. It might take time for such an opinion to be written — and perhaps responded to by someone in the majority.

According to CNBC’s quarterly “All American Survey,” President Trump’s proposed travel has seen a slight increase in public support after recent Islamic terror attacks throughout Europe – specifically the United Kingdom. Forty-four percent of Americans now say they strongly or somewhat support the travel ban while support among those who “strongly oppose” the plan dropped from 36 percent down to 32 percent.

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