WOAH! DOJ Accuses Comey Of Providing False Testimony Under Oath

The hits just keep coming for former FBI director James Comey. One day after giving highly publicized testimony before congress, he’s being accused of saying untruths. The accusations are coming from a spokesman for the Department of Justice.

Sean Davis writes at The Federalist:

DOJ: Comey Provided False Testimony About Jeff Sessions’ Recusal From Russia Investigations

The Department of Justice (DOJ) on Thursday evening accused former FBI director James Comey of providing false testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee. According to DOJ spokesman Ian Prior, who made the accusations against Comey via an official DOJ press release, Comey did not answer truthfully when Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Cali.) asked him about the process by which Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from any federal investigations of Russian interference with the 2016 elections.

Harris specifically asked Comey about his understanding of the process by which Sessions recused himself, and the specific rules regarding his involvement in the investigations post-recusal. Comey claimed that everything he knew about the topic came entirely from public statements by Sessions and that he was not aware of any DOJ memoranda “outlining the parameters of [Sessions’] recusal.”

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One thing has become increasingly clear. Trump made the right decision in firing this man.

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