WOW! Deputy Makes Sacrifice For Fellow Officer: “I Believe GOD WAS DIRECTING ME” (VIDEO)

There’s a new spirit of openness about the Christian faith in America. 

Maybe it’s the relief of Trump’s win. Or maybe Christians are tired of Liberal hypocrisy. Or maybe it’s a reawakening.

Whatever the reason, we’re hearing more stories about faith in America.

In this story, an officer in Los Angeles decided to donate his kidney to a fellow officer.

Listen to his reason why (via Fox & Friends):

From the video:

“The more I dived into my faith, the more I read some of the stories in the Bible about sacrificial giving – you know, we just celebrated Christmas, and for me, Christ’s life, death and resurrection is the Ultimate Gift – from that, it shows an example of how I should live and provide for my neighbor. And this opportunity pulled on my heartstrings and I believe that God was directing me.”


There are millions of stories of faithful Christians living their faith. But the Dishonest Media doesn’t want to report them.

Thanks to Fox & Friends for reporting this one!

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