WOW! Diamond And Silk Appear On British TV To Praise Trump (VIDEO)

Wow! Diamond and Silk have become so well known that they’re being interviewed by the foreign press! They appeared on “Good Morning Britain” with Piers Morgan this week to talk about Trump.

Piers Morgan begins by saying:

“Now Donald Trump is going to be president and there are concerns, people in Britain certainly are very concerned that Donald Trump, he shoots from his lip, he shoots from his hip. He says outrageous things, he’s controversial. He can be very offensive. Are you ladies concerned that when he’s president, he needs to calm things down a bit?”

Diamond responds:

“I like the way he is! I like the realist, somebody that keeps it real and tells the truth. See, I am tired of people walking around that would prefer to hear a well dressed lie instead of the naked nasty truth. Let’s tell the truth and – I’m sorry, you can’t be politically correct when you’re telling the truth.”

Silk ends it by saying, “That’s right.”

Then Piers Morgan totally loses it laughing. It’s a great clip, watch it all below:

Diamond and Silk are so awesome.

Congratulations on your new international fame, ladies!

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