WOW! Did Trump Say “Seizure” When Hillary Shimmied At The Debate?


Watch this moment in the Hofstra debate captured by True Pundit.

It’s when Trump finishes calling out Hillary’s failures. Trump says Hillary has got a problem.

Hillary reacts by doing a strange shimmy with her eyes closed. 

On the dual screen, watch Trump’s lips in this moment:

Did Trump say “seizure?” 

If so, Trump wouldn’t be alone. A lot of people think Hillary is suffering from seizures. Her eyes are going different directions. She has uncontrollable shakes.

Then, there was this event on 9/11 in New York:

As Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino said just after:

“This is severe. I was in the Secret Service for twelve years. I must have done security, or been part of a security plan, at close to five-hundred sites, if not more. I’ve never seen a protectee go down like that, ever.”

A lot of people think Hillary is having seizures.

Did Trump say “seizure?” What do you think?

H/T True Pundit

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