Wow! Kellyanne Conway Calls Out CNN’s Bias To Erin Burnett’s Face

Hostile CNN host Erin Burnett attacked Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway on her show tonight. She asked about Trump not having a “formal” press conference since July. Even though Trump takes questions from the media all the time. Everyday. At every rally. Sometimes, three times a day.

Then, the interview took a turn that Erin Burnett didn’t see coming.


From the video:

Erin Burnett: Is he going to take questions?

Kellyanne Conway: Sure, he’ll take questions . . . Mr. Trump is out there. We have the press pool with us everyday . . . The press is right there to cover everything, and you know what? They rarely do . . . We don’t get fair questions. Just last night, CNN added in the word ‘racial’ that he never mentioned with ‘profiling.’ Your network added in ‘racial’ to make it look like he had said ‘racial profiling’ where he never had. So . . . 

Bam! Kellyanne took it right to Erin Burnett. She called out CNN’s bias. Erin Burnett was flustered. Here’s how she responded:

Erin Burnett: So Kellyanne, I want to interrupt you there. I want to interrupt you there. I want to interrupt you there. Because that – that was a lower third as we call them on our screen. It actually happened during this hour and I want to make it clear that the word ‘racial’ should not have been put in quotes.

Kellyanne Conway: Thank you.

It wasn’t quite an apology. But kinda-sorta an apology. Either way, Kellyanne was gracious enough to act like it was an apology.

Great job, Kellyanne!

Good to see the Trump campaign is fighting back!

If you didn’t see the “racial profiling” that was actually just “profiling,” Scott Adams captured it:

The media is so dishonest!

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