WOW . . . Liberals Blame “Gun Violence” For OSU Attack, EXCEPT IT WASN’T (TWEETS)

Liberals trotted out a favorite phrase today in the wake of the Ohio State University tragedy.

They acted very concerned. They tweeted out prayers for the injured. And then they blamed their favorite bogeyman:

“Gun violence.”

Except, it wasn’t. 

It was a Somali-American who rammed his car into a crowd, then attacked them with a butcher knife. The Gateway Pundit reported:

“At least 8 people were injured in an incident at Ohio State University.

An Ohio State spokesman says the suspect rammed a group of students then exited vehicle and stabbed several individuals with a butcher knife.
Some students were stabbed, others injured after being hit by a vehicle.”

But that didn’t stop Liberals from blaming guns.

Here’s what Shannon Watts said:

And the best of all is Senator Tim Kaine, failed Vice-Presidential candidate.


Liberals will do anything to exploit tragedy. 


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