WOW! Trump Just Tweeted New Job For Ben Carson!

Dr. Ben Carson was an early supporter of Trump.

He endured a lot of media abuse, including being asked if he was a “prop” for Trump.

After Trump won, there was a lot of speculation about Dr. Carson’s next role. As a doctor, a lot of people thought Ben Carson would be a good fit for Health and Human Services.

A week ago, Dr. Carson said he probably wouldn’t take a job in the Trump Administration. 

It looks like things have changed. 

Today, Trump tweeted out a possible new job for Dr. Carson:

What do you think?

Is HUD Secretary the best use of Dr. Carson’s talents? 

Or is there something else going on . . . Could Trump be preparing to shut down HUD? And he wants Dr. Carson to do it? 

Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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