WOW! Trump Set A NEW RECORD For Votes Received By A Republican Presidential Candidate


Trump’s amazing election win is still rocking the political media world. So many people didn’t think he could pull it off. But he proved them all wrong! Now, we’re learning he set a new record in the process.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Trump sets new record for votes received by a GOP presidential candidate

By carrying the long-Democratic states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, President-elect Trump won a resounding electoral college victory. But he also lost the popular vote — a legally meaningless fact that should concern Republicans about the future all the same.

However, there is one milestone that Trump has now managed to cross as votes continue to be counted.

Twelve years after George W. Bush set a record for the number of votes won by a Republican presidential candidate, Trump has just barely inched past him. Bush’s total, just over 62 million, was good enough at that time for an overall majority of the popular vote.

It’s amazing to think that just three weeks ago, the media was still reporting that Hillary Clinton would be our next president.

They couldn’t have been more wrong!

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