WOW! TRUMP Supporter Takes On SEVEN LIBERALS After Debate – And DESTROYS THEM!!

This was amazing!

Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski went on CNN after the debate.

This is what he faced:


Seven Liberals against him. 

Lewandowski took them on. And destroyed them.

Just like Trump in the debate!

Via Irma Hinojosa, watch:

Here’s one exchange with Jake Tapper:

Lewandowski: Hillary Clinton is in favor of increasing Syrian refugees into this country by 550%. Face check: Accurate. 

Tapper: No. 

Lewandowski: Yes, it is. She wants from 10,000 to 65,000. If you fact check, it’s actually correct. 

Tapper: Oh, oh, 10,000 to – 


Then, here’s him taking on Gloria Borger for calling Trump’s inviting victims of sexual assault a “stunt”:

Borger: In thinking about this debate a bit, I think the place where I was left thinking about Hillary Clinton in this and her reaction to this was by having this ‘stunt’ in the afternoon before the debate – 

Lewandowski: What ‘stunt?’ What ‘stunt?’ Bringing women who have been sexually assaulted? 

Borger: What they did – What they did was a sideshow after the videotape – an hour and a half before the debate – 

Lewandowski: Are you saying it’s not true what happened to them? 

Borger: Can I finish? 

Lewandowski: No – it’s not a ‘stunt’ – at all. 

Tapper: Let her finish. 

Borger: Ok – The ‘event.’

Lewandowski: No – It’s a pejorative term. And it’s not fair. 

Boom! Way to go Corey! 

Keep going! Keep calling out CNN’s unfair “reporters.” Keep calling out their use of use pejorative terms.

America needs more honesty in the press!

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