WOW! Tucker Carlson RIPS COLUMNIST Who Called Sessions A Racist: “THIS IS A HACK JOB!” (VIDEO)


Tucker Carlson just ripped into Jonathan Allen!

Allen is a columnist at Roll Coll. He wrote a column titled, “Jeff Session Is Unfit For The Cabinet.

In the column, Allen calls Sessions “a partially reconstructed baiter of minorities.” He also said, “Sessions is a favorite of Stormfront, the white-nationalist web community founded by former Klansman Don Black. His confirmation would reinforce Trump’s appointment of white nationalist Steve Bannon to the top strategist’s role at the White House.”

Tucker Carlson took Jonathan Allen to the woodshed for those statements!

Tucker called the column a “hack job” to Allen’s face!

It was beautiful to watch. Here it is:

Good for Tucker!

Tucker’s new show is already high in the ratings. It doubled both CNN and MSNBC in that time slot. 

If he keeps up this attack on the lies of the Left, Tucker’s show is going to go huge!

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