Writer Contacts Paper To Report Confederate Flag In Her Neighborhood But There’s One Little Problem

This story shows just how ridiculous the left’s hysteria over the Confederate flag has become. A writer living in Seattle contacted the Seattle Times to report a Confederate flag flying in her neighborhood. When the paper looked into it, it turned out to be the flag of Norway.

From the Seattle Times:

‘Suddenly there is a Confederate flag flying’ in Seattle’s Greenwood area – well, not quite

A story about the times we live in, and assumptions we can make in our current political climate.

The news tip a few days ago said:

“Hi. Suddenly there is a Confederate flag flying in front of a house in my Greenwood neighborhood. It is at the north-east corner of 92nd and Palatine, just a block west of 92nd and Greenwood Ave N. I would love to know what this ‘means’ … but of course don’t want to knock on their door. Maybe others in the area are flying the flag? Maybe it’s a story? Thank you.”

It was from Rebecca Morris, who is an author of The New York Times best-seller true-crime books.

So, of course, we drove to that corner.

There was no wind, and on a flagpole there was what obviously was the U.S. flag at the top, and below, a red flag with blue stripes.

Simply hanging down, not spread out, you could make some assumptions that it was the star-filled “Southern cross” of the Confederacy.

Darold Norman Stangeland lives at the corner house.

“That’s a Norwegian flag,” he says. “It’s been up there since the start of the Olympics.”

The author who made the report must feel pretty dumb right about now.


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