W’s Former Commerce Secretary Backs Hillary All The Way? (VIDEO)

Source: Daily Mail

And he identifies as a “REPUBLICAN.” O-M-G! If this interview doesn’t convince you the present day GOP is in the tank for one world government, preserving its own power base¬†and its relationship with the Democratic party, nothing will. And there should be no more questions that being a REPUBLICAN doesn’t mean the same thing to main-street America as it does to those inside the beltway.

Carlos Gutierrez, the former Commerce Secretary for Bush-43, fully supports Hillary Clinton for president. … Without reservation. He also fully supports TPP. He’s part of the political elite and a member of upper echelon 1%. He makes no bones about wanting to protect the status quo. This video will make your blood run cold, and should reaffirm why Hillary Clinton cannot win the White House.

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