YIKES! Actress Sharon Stone Does a Spoken Word Poem for Maxine Waters (VIDEO)

Remember Sharon Stone? She used to be a famous actress who made millions starring in big budget movies. Now she’s been reduced to reciting spoken word poems about Democrats. How sad.

Vulture reported:

Sharon Stone Recorded a Spoken-Word Poem for Maxine Waters and It’s Really Something

“Say it loud,” Stone says. “She’s strong and we’re proud.” Stone shared the video on her Instagram account, confirming that she did the voice work, and crediting Shelly Goldstein for the lyrics and James Brown and Alfred Ellis for the original inspiration. Let’s file this under: Her Heart Was in the Right Place.

Here’s a sample of the lyrics:

I am Maxine Waters and i’m a proud Democrat from the progressive state of California say it loud she’s black and we’re proud.

Disrespect will not be allowed since 91 she’s fought our battles with humor grace and skill she’s proved a woman definitive place is that house on Capitol Hill.

Building on the legacy of Jordan and Chism from day one she fought for us while facing much racism and women know the way that it works.

Here’s the video:

So far in the age of Trump, Hollywod has really made itself look foolish.

What will come next?


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