Yikes . . . Hillary Shops For Thanksgiving, DOESN’T LOOK WELL (PIC)

During the Presidential campaign, there were swirling questions about Hillary’s health.

She took time off from the campaign trail regularly. While Trump did four or five events per day.

Now, we see pictures after the election is over, and Hillary doesn’t look good!

Here she is in her first public appearance after the election: 


She looks sick!

Now, we have an updated picture. She was shopping for Thanksgiving and did a selfie with a woman in Chappaqua (Update: The picture appears to have been removed from Instagram – we’ve replaced it with one from Twitter):


Here’s some video of the encounter, via NBC News. Looks like Bill is having a nice chat with a lady:

What do you think?

Was Hillary hiding an illness all along? Was she sick?

Tell us in the comments below!

H/T The Hill

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