YUGE! Donald Trump Takes Lead in Ohio And Florida in New CNN Poll

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The Trump Train is moving forward, full speed ahead. In the important states of Ohio and Florida, Trump has now overtaken Hillary Clinton in the latest CNN poll.

From the report:

CNN/ORC polls: Trump’s national gains extend to Florida, Ohio

With eight weeks to go before Election Day, Donald Trump holds a narrow lead over Hillary Clinton in Ohio and the two are locked in a near-even contest in Florida, according to new CNN/ORC polls in the two critical battleground states.

Among likely voters in Ohio, Trump stands at 46% to Clinton’s 41%, with 8% behind Libertarian Gary Johnson and 2% behind Green Party nominee Jill Stein. In Florida, likely voters split 47% for Trump to 44% for Clinton, within the poll’s 3.5 percentage point margin of error, and with 6% behind Johnson and 1% backing Stein.

In both states, Trump’s support increases as a result of the likely voter screen, among all registered voters, Clinton edges Trump 45% to 44% in Florida, and in Ohio, Trump tops Clinton 43% to 39% with Johnson at 12%.

The polls come as other national and battleground state polls suggest a sharply tightened contest compared with mid-August. While Clinton emerged from her convention with the advantage in surveys in both states and nationwide, more recent surveys suggest a closer contest and an enthusiasm gap that tilts in Trump’s favor.

If these trends continue, Hillary Clinton is toast.

Still, Trump supporters can’t take anything for granted.

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