A Liberal Says Liberal Housing Policy Is Killing Coastal U.S. Cities

Liberals claim to care about the poor but in the cities where many liberals live, poor people can’t afford housing. At least one honest liberal has figured this out and is willing to talk about it.

Shane Phillips writes at the Market Urbanism Report:


The people who live in coastal urban cities tend to be a pretty liberal bunch. We’re leading the country on minimum wage laws, paid sick leave, climate change mitigation, and a host of other important issues. We care deeply about equality of opportunity, and we’re willing to invest our time and money to advance that effort—even if the people we help don’t always look like us or come from the same neighborhood, state, or even country. I’m proud to count myself among their number.

And then we turn to housing. Maybe it’s just because we’re doing great on so many other fronts, but when I look at our inability to solve the housing crisis in places like San Francisco, New York, and Washington, D.C., I’m left feeling nothing but depression and hopelessness. It’s all the more frustrating because unaffordable housing might be the most important economic problem facing residents of liberal U.S. cities, and we’re perfectly, comprehensively, and unmistakably blowing it.

The causes of this failure are too numerous to ever fully enumerate in a single blog post, and, admittedly, some are out of the hands of cities themselves.

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The problem is simple. Too many liberals want affordable housing, they just don’t want it near them.


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