ABC News Brings On Jonathan Gruber To Lament The Death Of Obamacare (VIDEO)

You may remember Jonathan Gruber. He was instrumental in the creation of Obamacare and later was revealed to say that the stupidity of the American voter helped get it passed. Now ABC News has dragged him onto the air to complain about a federal judge ruling it unconstitutional.

The Washington Examiner reports:

What echo chamber? ABC News turns to Jonathan Gruber to discuss recent Obamacare ruling

The media echo chamber problem does not get more obvious than this.

ABC News hosted Jonathan Gruber this week after a judge in Texas declared the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional.

Yes, that Jonathan Gruber. In a country of 325 million, the network turned to the one person who absolutely can’t be trusted to speak honestly about Obamacare to explain why the judge’s ruling is wrong. It’s a real mystery why the news media have a credibility problem.

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“If they decide to strike this down, what’s at risk is enormous, both for individual health and for the health of our democracy,” Gruber told ABC News. “If the ACA goes away, that means 17 million people lose their health insurance. That means that 133 million Americans with pre-existing conditions can now be denied insurance because of those conditions. That means that those under age 26 can no longer get health insurance on their parents’ plan.”

Watch the video:

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If the media wants to know why they are so distrusted, this is a great example.


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