ABC News Poll Finds Biden Is A Drag On Democrat Candidates Across The Country (VIDEO)

New polling from ABC News finds that Joe Biden is hurting his party’s chances in the 2022 midterms.

To be fair, this is not just about Biden. It is the policies of the Democratic party that are rapidly lowering the standard of living and causing very real economic hardship for millions of Americans.

Biden is the head of his party, so he is a constant reminder for voters of what choices they face in November.

Townhall reports:

ABC News: Our Numbers Show Biden Is a ‘Serious Drag’ on Democrats

What are some key ingredients for a wave midterm election, beyond powerful historical trends? A dissatisfied electorate. An unpopular incumbent president. An enthusiasm gap. As we enter the summer months, the 2022 cycle is checking all of those boxes. According to the RealClearPolitics average, fully 70 percent of the country believes America is on the wrong track.

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Washington, DC, is controlled by Democrats. President Biden’s overall approval rating is floating around 40 percent, underwater by double digits. On the economy, he’s in the 30s, with his disapproval hitting 60 percent…

Republicans are barely in the House minority as it is, having gained 14 seats in 2020, so their floor is higher here than what wave-riding parties have experienced in several of the previous examples. In other words, there’s less low-hanging fruit on the board heading into November. The GOP is expected to win 20-35 seats as things stand, with the Senate looking like a pure tossup…

If Republican voters are more energized, that translates into a turnout advantage. Turnout is everything. And even if independents aren’t thrilled about voting, if they’re breaking for Republicans (which polling demonstrates they are), that would be a politically-lethal combination for the party in power.

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See the video below:

If it seems like the media is turning on Biden, they are.

The media is terrified that the Democrats are going to get slaughtered in the midterms.


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