ABOVE THE LAW: FBI Clears Hillary Clinton of Wrongdoing

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No one should be surprised that FBI Director James Comey let Hillary Clinton off the hook for her email scandal. It confirms what many Americans already knew. That Hillary Clinton is part of a special class of people, a protected and connected political class. Members of this inner circle are above the law and can avoid prosecution for infractions that would send an ordinary citizen to jail.

Consider the timeline. Last week, Bill Clinton had a chance meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Then a few days later, Hillary met with the FBI on a holiday weekend. Today, Comey makes his announcement and within hours, Hillary is back on the campaign trail with President Obama by her side. Coincidences? No. The fix was in from the beginning.

Austin Bay of Observer offers this take:

James Comey Sells Out

Today, the FBI sold out the Rule of Law in America. After describing clear evidence of extensive mishandling of classified national security information, FBI Director James Comey announced that the FBI will not recommend indicting former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. This is naked crony government, ugly and exposed. Comey’s decision will go down as one of the government’s worst assaults on truth in its War on Honesty.

Today’s press conference was, in many respects, an exercise in legal and cognitive dissonance. Comey acknowledged Clinton sent and received Top Secret emails that “any reasonable person” understands not to discuss on an unclassified system.

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Red flags? Excuse me, sir—that’s a crime.

Comey also acknowledged her email system was housed on unclassified personal servers that lacked full time security systems. Indeed, nations and groups hostile to the U.S. could have hacked the system. Comey acknowledged “hostile actors” hacked individuals corresponding with Clinton on her unauthorized system. She also used her unsecured personal system outside of the U.S.—in places where sophisticated adversaries could hack her communications.

Comey called this careless. Sir, it is reprehensible. It is reckless disregard of American security.

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Michael Walsh writes at PJ Media:

The Day the Rule of Law Died

And so once again the leading crime family in America skates, thumbing its nose at the rule of law as an earnest but politically clueless FBI director stands before the nation to repeat the well-worn Clinton mantra of “insufficient evidence,” and to attribute to Hillary another shopworn cliche that the Clintons habitually use in their defense: sloppiness.

In other words, it was a judgment call by James Comey. After laying out clear proof that Mrs. Clinton violated both the letter and the spirit of the law, he essentially punted by saying this is not the kind of case a reasonable prosecutor would make. Of course it isn’t — not if that prosecutor wants to both keep his job and stay above ground.

Cornell Law Professor William Jacobson adds this:


FBI Director James Comey gave an on-camera press statement today from FBI headquarters, and is taking questions from reporters off camera.

Despite finding serious problems and carelessness in handling classified information, rejecting claims that such information must be “marked” classified, and likelihood of foreign hacking, Comey says no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case because no bad intent.

Somewhere, David Petreaus and dozens of others prosecuted in the past are crying.

Compare Comey’s words with Hillary Clinton’s:

Democrats may be sighing with relief today but they are far from out of the woods.

Comey’s announcement does not make average Americans feel better about Hillary Clinton.

It makes them feel worse about our government.



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