ABSURD: DNC Features ILLEGAL Immigrant Activist Lecturing Americans on ‘Living the American Dream’ (VIDEO)

DEM 2016 Convention

The audacity of the Dems is sure to reach its height this week with the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia for the next four days.  As expected, the hateful, deceitful Leftist media are all beside themselves with excitement and effusive with the praise at how wonderful and magical the event is and will be.

But Americans need to look through the smoke screen and look at who the DNC is featuring. To start, since Debbie Wasserman Schultz was shown the door based on emails confirming the DNC was in the tank for Hillary, the event was gaveled open by none other than Baltimore Mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. Yes, the same that one that decided to “give space to those [protestors] who wished to destroy” and, in turn, protestors burned the city and looted black-owned small businesses. A definite signal of things to come over the next few days.

The Dems didn’t waste any time rolling out the Hollywood stars e.g. Eva Longoria and Sarah Silverman along with liberal stars Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker and, of course, Michelle Obama. Among these “luminaries” were the regular folk such as a widow that lost money at Trump University and yet another illegal immigrant activist, Astrid Silva, who’s task was to lecture the American people about how undocumented (read illegal) immigrants are being denied the American dream. Never mind that Americans have been funding Ms. Silva’s “dream” as she maneuvers for another handout: American citizenship.

More from NewsBusters:

Closing out Monday’s NBC Nightly News at the Democratic National Convention (DNC), national correspondent Peter Alexander found it pertinent to heap effusive praise on far-left activist and illegal immigrant Astrid Silva being able to address the DNC as someone “living the American Dream” but “all you’re missing is being an American” because she came across the U.S. border illegally. 

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Of course, Alexander made no effort to point out her extremely active role in liberal politics as pen pals with Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid since 2009 to writing a USA Today column to her being the organizing director for the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada to her being a very sought-after endorsement in the Democratic presidential primary to being pen pals with Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid since 2009.

Anchor Lester Holt was already swooning in his lead-in to Alexander’s piece: 

“Finally, the first night of the DNC here in Philadelphia will feature some of the Democratic Party’s most famous faces and joining them here on stage will be an activist who is also an undocumented immigrant. As she tells our Peter Alexander, she has something to say tonight to Donald Trump and others.”

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Alexander began by alluding to the high-profile nature of the evening speakers at the DNC, but touted Silva’s story as somehow “unfamiliar” (which is anything but true) but “no less powerful” then gushing to here: “Can you believe this is your moment to address the country?”

In an aside about her story being unfamiliar, not only is this claim untrue but instead a downright falsehood. On two occasions across the networks of NBC, Silva was highlighted on this very newscast on November 21, 2014 and over on February 20, 2015 during the 9:00 a.m. hour of MSNBC.

“Silva is a dreamer, one of nearly 1.5 million undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children. She arrived when she was just four…To her shock, President Obama first brought her story to life in 2014,” Alexander proclaimed.

Skipping over her prominent role since as an illegal immigration activist from Las Vegas to Washington, Alexander leapt to the present by hyping that “[t]wo years later, the floor is hers.”

In the gushiest part of the exchange, Alexander admitted that it “strikes me that you are living the American Dream, all you’re missing is being an American.”

After Silva responded with lines about how “being an American” is ambiguous because people “come from different countries and become citizens,” Alexander had to know what her “question to Donald Trump” would be.

Silva ruled that illegal immigrants like her are not “statistics” and so Alexander concluded with nods to her recent college graduation and this pathetic cap: “After years in the shadows, tonight stepping in the spotlight.”

The hypocrisy of Ms. Silva’s presence at the Democrat Convention and the lecturing of the American people is sickening. Silva is 28 years old. What has she been doing for the past 10 years? Has she or her family even applied to become citizens? Or, is it a safer bet that Harry Reid and the Dems provide top-cover so that she can waltz out in Philly and lecture the American people with some “no human is illegal” psychobabble? Another liberal virtue signaling and talking down to Americans through some unearned sense of moral authority to champion another handout i.e. American citizenship. Besides successfully evading the authorities for an extended period of time while subsisting on the American people’s dime, what is it that you’ve done to deserve citizenship?

The reality is that the American people are picking up the tab for Ms. Silva and those other 11 million illegal immigrants that don’t have a right to be in America much less be given citizenship. And what about actual citizens like Kate Steinle who was brutally murdered by an illegal immigrant deported six times? How about her Constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? The arrogance of illegal immigrants like Ms. Silva, Jose Antonio Vargas and others is disgusting. They are not children anymore and still don’t follow the law. Their words are hollow ramblings while their actions demonstrate a complete lack of respect for America and her laws. They are a group of people that willfully break the law for their own gain and then blame others. No surprise they are right at home in the Democrat Party alongside plenty of people like them.

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