Actor Dennis Quaid Praises Trump For Travel Ban And Handling Of Coronavirus Crisis

There are so many left wingers in Hollywood that it’s newsworthy when someone compliments a Republican.

Actor Dennis Quaid said during a recent interview that he approves of the way Trump is handling the Coronavirus crisis.

He also praised Trump for the early travel ban from China.

Breitbart reports:

Dennis Quaid Praises Trump’s Early Travel Ban, Says POTUS ‘Doing a Good Job’ Handling the Crisis

Actor Dennis Quaid has praised President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, giving a rare Hollywood thumb’s up to the commander in chief’s efforts to meet the country’s emergency needs while also trying to hold the economy together.

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The star of The Right Stuff, Innerspace, and The Day After Tomorrow also revealed that as a young man, Ronald Reagan was his favorite president, saying that he voted for Reagan in 1980.

Dennis Quaid offered his words of praise for President Trump in an conversation with The Daily Beast to promote his new podcast “The Dennissance.”

“I think Trump, no matter what anybody thinks of him, is doing a good job at trying to get these states — and all of the American people — what they need, and also trying to hold our economy together and be prepared for when this is all over,” he said.

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Later in the interview, The Daily Beast tried to assign blame to President Trump, claiming he acted late. But Quaid pointed out that the president’s travel ban to China, which was enacted in January, was met with accusations of racism.

“Trump did do the travel ban to China, and then to Europe very quickly afterward, and he was castigated by a lot of members of Congress, who were just getting out of the impeachment, that it was racist what he was doing,” the actor said. “It’s a good thing we had that travel ban at the time. You know, the world has never experienced this, and I don’t think it’s a time to be political. I think it’s just time to get behind our government and have everybody do what they can.”

There are probably plenty of people in Hollywood who agree with Quaid on this.

They are just afraid to say so. There is tremendous pressure to conform to the left.



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