Actor Jon Voight Praises Trump And His Team: ‘They Have Guided Our Nation Under God’ (VIDEO)

Jon Voight is a rare man in Hollywood.

He is openly conservative, a Trump supporter, and a man of faith.

He recently posted a very uplifting video message on Twitter.

Here’s a transcript, via CNS News:

“Let go. Now, rise, for this is a day of prayer. This shall override. This shall find a place in history that will be only a memory of caused destruction. These limited fools have nowhere to hide a shallow course of magnitude that tried to wipe out civilization, and only one, God, can.

And he shall not obey such discussed volume, for God’s only meaning is life. He shall condemn the wrong and shall gift the right. And he will bring volume to God’s creation, His creation. His only means is to repair, and He shall not back down to his duties of His call.

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“Stand with us now, for we all bring this mighty light upon the Earth, His love, to reach each and every one. And through this fear that all may fear, fear not—because Jesus, Moses, all the saints, prophets of ancient times, all the scriptures written for Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, all have been with America, for America.

She is the land of freedom. She holds her sign, her torch, for all to remember what she stands for: that is, God’s freedom. Our freedom, our truths, and God’s beam of His glow, to show each one that we will prevail, we will win—not matter the pain, the loss—because each one, each soul, is gifted a flicker of hope, for he shines with each.

So, we hold all dear and we give this nation, all nations, a push through this dark. For He has said: Let there be light. And, on this day, we salute President Trump and his team and we bless these men and women with our unconditional love and prayers for they have guided our nation under God. Amen.”

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Watch below:

That’s a powerful message.

Jon Voight is a great man.


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