Actor Rick Schroder Stands By President Trump, Might Protest Joe Biden’s Inauguration

Conservatives are so rare in Hollywood that when one of them speaks up it’s newsworthy.

Actor Rick Schroder is a conservative and a Trump supporter.

He is planning to be in Washington, DC next month either to help Trump celebrate or to protest the inauguration of Joe Biden.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Actor Ricky Schroder to rally with Trump at inauguration or protest Biden: ‘If that means getting arrested, so be it’

Actor Ricky Schroder said he will be present in Washington, D.C., on Inauguration Day next month to celebrate with President Trump or to protest against President-elect Joe Biden.

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“God Willing, on January 20th I will be in Washington DC to Celebrate President Trumps Inauguration,” The NYPD Blue star posted on Parler on Thursday. “If not … I will March on the Communist Capitol Inaugural Event to Demand Election Security for 2020 and all future Elections.”

“Without a trustworthy election system we have no country,” Schroder added. The Biden/Harris/Obama/China/Corporate Alliance will not take Power. We do not give it to them. We retain it.”

The actor continued by explaining that he is a “freedom-loving American” who is fighting back against politicians who don’t put American security first, and he urged his followers who feel the same way to join him.

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“If that means getting arrested, so be it,” the actor wrote.

Schroder is already under fire from the left for helping to get Kyle Rittenhouse out of jail.

Good for him for standing up for his principles.

It’s good to know that not everyone in Hollywood is a leftist.


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