Adam Carolla Uses Smoking To Show Why You Should Never Listen To Progressives (VIDEO)

Comedian Adam Carolla is a bit of a Libertarian.

He recently appeared on the FOX News show “The Next Revolution” and explained why you shouldn’t listen to progressives.

He used the subject of smoking in restaurants as an analogy.

He has used this same example before on the Tucker Carlson show.

Here’s how it works, via FOX News:

CAROLLA: And I use an example, Dennis has heard it before. It’s sort of the NRA versus the no-smoking lobby. And I’ll quickly do the metaphor here. Which is, 40 years ago they said we don’t want smoking in restaurants and they said could you guys who are smoking in the main dining area, just move to a smoking section?

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And everyone picked up their stake in their ashtrays and they moved over there. And then they came to those people again and they said, we don’t want you with the diners, could you move to the bar? And they all picked up their food and their ashtrays and they move to the bar and they smoked.

And then at a certain point they said could you stand out front and just smoke outside, and they said, well it’s cold, but we’ll do it. They stood out front and they went outside and smoked. And then they said, you’re too close to the front door could you move it down the street? And they went to a park. And they said no smoking at the park. The point is they won’t stop moving forward. There’s an agenda – the agenda is not get rid of the smoke in the restaurant, it’s stomp you out.

Watch the video below:

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Here are a couple of responses:

It’s an excellent analogy for so many issues.


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